2 years

Starting Date

late August

Tuition Fee

EU/EEA countries or Switzerland: Free
non-EU/EEA: €12,000 per year


Turku, Finland

About the programme

In the Master’s Degree Programme in Materials Engineering: Materials of Energy Technology specialisation track, you will grow to be an expert in the field and learn to navigate in the vast field of energy technology and its applications.

The programme will give you a general overview of the field of energy storage materials. The contents of the programme can be tailored towards your interests with suitable choices of thematic or minor studies, for example specialising in batteries.

The questions we are looking to answer are:

  • What kind of renewable energy production and storage methods are there?
  • How to choose the materials for these systems?
  • How do these choices affect the performance of the systems?
  • How to design renewable energy production and storage systems from both technical and economical points of view?

All of these questions are at the core of the strategy of the University of Turku as well as the interests of the wide expertise cluster in materials research in the Turku region.

Programme Structure

The Master’s Degree Programme in Materials Engineering: Materials of Energy Technology is a two-year programme of 120 ECTS credits. The structure includes:

  • Joint materials engineering studies, 20 ECTS
  • Materials of energy technology studies, 20 ECTS
  • Thesis and project, 40 ECTS
  • Minor or thematic studies, 20-25 ECTS
  • Other studies, 15-20 ECTS

Courses included in the programme:

  • FEM Modeling
  • Imaging Methods for Materials Research (advanced studies)
  • Solar Energy Engineering
  • New Energy Technologies
  • Semiconductors

Career Prospects

The renewable energy sector is one of the crucial industries in the world for sustainable development. Materials in energy technologies cover wide range of applications, focusing on materials for renewable energy production and storage. Developing new materials and solutions in these areas contributes to realise sustainable electricity generation.

You will be equipped with skills that provide you with multiple career options. You will be able to join the industry in Finland or abroad or enter the public sector, for example, in various authoritative duties. Possible job titles are:

  • validation and verification engineer,
  • materials engineer,
  • technology manager,
  • development manager,
  • researcher.

Career in Research

The Master of Science degree completed in this programme will qualify you for PhD studies in Turku, elsewhere in Finland or universities worldwide.

You will be eligible to apply for a position in the University of Turku Graduate School (UTUGS). The Graduate School consists of doctoral programmes that cover all disciplines and doctoral candidates of the university.

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