2 years

Starting Date

late August

Tuition Fee

EU/EEA countries or Switzerland: Free
non-EU/EEA: €12,000 per year


Turku, Finland

About the programme

In the Master’s Degree Programme in Materials Engineering: Modern Industrial Materials specialisation track, you will grow to be an expert in materials selection and optimisation in almost any field of the industry.

The programme focuses on the characterisation, modelling, properties, and life cycle of both traditional and future materials used in the Industrial. Moreover, we consider the special topics of 3D printing and artificial (“digital”) materials.

Current focus areas in the research of modern industrial materials are different materials for industrial needs and properties that are desired for specific applications. Furthermore, we seek to modify materials and tune their functional properties to optimise their industrial performance.

Modern Industrual Materials is one of three specialisation tracks of the Master’s Degree Programme in Materials Engineering. The programme offers two other specialisation tracks:

  • Health Technology Materials,
  • Materials of Energy Technology.

Programme Structure

The Master’s Degree Programme in Materials Engineering: Modern Industrial Materials is a two-year programme of 120 ECTS credits. The structure includes:

  • Joint materials engineering studies, 20 ECTS
  • Modern industrial materials studies, 20 ECTS
  • Thesis and project, 40 ECTS
  • Minor or thematic studies, 20-25 ECTS
  • Other studies, 15-20 ECTS

Career Prospects

Materials specialists are currently in demand in a broad range of industries, from aerospace, automotive and maritime, through the energy and pharmaceutical, to telecommunications and utilities sectors. Novel materials solutions underpins the development industrial processes and products. You wil have the chance to make a real difference on how society functions, and also in our daily life.

You will be equipped with technical, business, project management and interpersonal skills needed for careers in a wide range of sectors. You will be able to join the industry in Finland or abroad, become a consultant, or enter the public sector.

Possible job positions are:

  • materials engineer,
  • product/process development scientist,
  • technical sales engineer,
  • manufacturing systems engineer,
  • management consultant.

Career in Research

The Master of Science degree completed in this programme will also qualify you for PhD studies in Turku, elsewhere in Finland or universities worldwide.

You will be eligible to apply for a position at the University of Turku Graduate School (UTUGS). The Graduate School consists of doctoral programmes that cover all disciplines and doctoral candidates of the university.

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